Flagger Instruction Videos

Video Instruction

The language we use is important when flagging together because if everyone uses the same names for each move we can better coordinate.  However, not every instructor uses the same terminology.  It also differs by country.

In the sections below we offer clips from different instructors. The links are identified as novice, intermediate, and advanced.

The videos are hosted on YouTube and for each video you can expand it to full page by clicking on the icon in the lower right.

IF A VIDEO FAILS TO LOAD:   Press the F5 key to reload your browser.

How to hold your flags -  Daniel - Novice

Single hand down -  David  - Novice
Two hand down(double down) - David - Novice
Marry your flags tip - David - Novice

Swoop - David - Novice
Single front - David - Novice
Alternating double front - David - Novice
Single front with spin - David - Novice

Single hand up (or back) - David - Novice
Two hand up (double back) - David - Novice
Underhand toss (double back) - Don - Intermediate
Underhand - Daniel - Intermediate
One up, one down - David - Intermediate

Corkscrew - Daniel - Intermediate
Windmill (pinwheel) - Sarah - Intermediate
Pinwheel to Swoop - George - Intermediate

Connecting with the music - George - Intermediate
Flag transitions - George - Intermediate
Example of music transitions - David - Intermediate

Leading and Turning - Xavier - Novice to Intermediate

  Weave - Xavier - Intermediate

Mirroring or Docking -  Xavier - Intermediate to Advanced

Lengthen and Shorten - Benedict  -  Intermediate

Changing Planes -  Benedict  - Intermediate to Advanced

Behind the back - Benedict -  Advanced