Compilation Videos

March 2020 and suddenly we were told to stay home and isolate - for our lives.  After canceling April’s Flagging in the Desert event, flaggers were asked to join us in creating a compilation video where we could still come together while isolated.  Twenty-three flaggers submitted clips and our first video ‘You’re Beautiful’ went live on March 27 of last year.  Through the ensuing trials and loneliness, we found ways to stay connected – through Facebook, through Flagging Virtual Studio, and through our unifying videos each month. 

Here we are seventeen months later.  We’ve made new connections, learned new movements, and shared a flowing, musical journey safely and together.  We’re no longer isolated flaggers, but now carefully moving out into the world together again.

We also did a special video for 2022 World AIDS Day.

It’s time to leave these videos as ‘Gold Forever’:

The memory of being here with you, Is one I'm gonna take my life through, ‘cause some days stay gold forever.

This shared celebration of music happened thanks to one hundred gorgeous flaggers and the
gifted seven DJs who made it possible.
 Watch for “special credits” at the end of the video and make sure to go back and experience our previous videos – each a very special moment in our isolated unity.

June 2021

June is PRIDE month and the rainbow flag reminds us of how our diverse community joins together.
The colors ( Red=life, Orange=healing, Yellow=sun, Green=nature, Blue=serenity, Purple=spirit ) when all joined together are sunshine, hope, and, warmth.
Flaggers look back over the past year and recall what we did to be proud. How we contributed and supported each other in trying times. We look forward to joining everyone in person to celebrate. Please pass this moment of PRIDE forward and share it with your friends.
What have YOU done today to make you feel PROUD?. 

May 2021

We began these videos as a way for flaggers to stay connected in isolation. As we all get vaccinated and life, as we knew it (and need it) returns, we look forward to events where we can all flag together again. But until then flaggers around the globe can join in the positive, playful energy. Based on a vote by flaggers, Janet Jackson’s ‘Together Again’ was selected to honor Memorial Day weekend. “Everywhere I go, every smile I see, I know you are there, smilin' back at me!” 

April 2021

Flaggers celebrate their excitement of getting outside because "it's in the air" and they are feeling "mighty real".

Thanks to Scott Abel for the remix.

Thanks to the flaggers and singers. Please share the joy.  

March 2021

The message of this video is that life can start to
emerge from the darkness we have
endured for one year this month.
Flaggers from around the world celebrate Spring
and optimism for our future – one we hope to
share together again soon.
Please inspire others by sharing this video.  

February 2021

Here is ‘A Flagger’s Valentine‘ for the world, demonstrating our love of the flow arts and our passion for sharing that love with others. DJ/Producer Paul Goodyear has blended three outstanding odes to love:
 ‘Thinking Out Loud’ by Ed Sheeran, ‘Sacred’ by Erasure,
and Oxygen’s ‘Am I On You Mind’.
Together they help us celebrate and share our Valentine message to you. Thanks to flaggers around the world for giving their love to this touching project.
The world deserves a Valentine!
Make sure to share it with the ones you love too.  

January 2020

2020 was a very difficult year and flaggers have been separated unable to join together. As we usher in new leadership and progress against the virus the country, and the world, breathe a sigh of relief and display a sense of optimism that we have needed. Flaggers hear that as a JOYFUL SOUND. The video includes flaggers from around the world in celebration.

Please watch to the end after the credits and then share our love as we move forward in 2021.  

December 2020

It’s the season, so let your flags and your love flow!
We thank everyone who shared (and survived) the year with us. Special thanks to all our gifted DJs and the brave camera folk who captured our magical flaggers so these videos could lift spirits worldwide.
Massive holiday love to you all and here’s to
a MUCH BETTER new year.. 

November 2020

It's time to join flaggers from around the world in celebrating change! Change of leadership, change from darkness, change to progress, and a positive vision of our collective future.

Please share this video far and wide to raise hopes and hearts everywhere.

It’s time to shine!  

October 2020

Flaggers come together around the world with faith and a version of the song that was never released. It is a message of upbeat optimism. “With a little Faith, with a little hope, we can walk on through to the light”.  

September 2020
Once upon a time, DJs Michael Mangiaforte and Michael Brown created the Shake Rattle & Roll remix of Pat Benatar's 'We Belong'. It kicked ass at the time then faded into memory. Thank you to Jayson Leahy for unearthing the vinyl and Phillip Bhullar for giving it a 2020 refresh. The message means more than ever - we DO belong together - and 30 flaggers embraced that with gusto for this month's video. We may be separated by geography and the virus, but we can still flag together. This month we celebrate a community of flaggers that know the meaning of
"we belong". 

When Leif decided to return to NZ to be with his
husband we felt it was important to give
him the proper sendoff. 
The attached video is our tribute to him. 

How we moved from
Flagging IN the Desert
Flagging FROM the Desert

A presentation to the Flagging Virtual Studio
on August 20, 2020 

August 2020

With the incredible help of DJ Brian Norwood, the song selected for this month is called ‘AMERICA’.

This song has an energizing beat and the lyrics are selected from speeches by Barack Obama - very poignant when you consider what we are witnessing around us. We hope the song and your performances leave everyone - flaggers and fans alike - charged and ready for a more positive future.  

July 2020
For this video we focused on ‘home’.  Take us to where you feel at home - safe, secure, nurtured. This song does not have lyrics, but since it’s titled HOME we added the flaggers words to amplify the message about
what ‘home’ means to them. 

June 2020
Pride Month was here, this time under very different circumstances.  Because we cannot gather together as we traditionally would, Flaggers around the globe gathered as they could to express their heartfelt desires for everyone, everywhere: less hate and more Freedom.

Go spread some love however you can, today!
Song: Freedom by David Morales and Janice Robinson
with a remix by Susan Morabito

May 2020
We had 40 flaggers from all over the country participate in this video.  The song is by Peyton and certainly speaks to the need to look forward and know that
"Things Can Only Get Better".

We had a remix to lengthen the song so everyone could
participate, but you can purchase the original from the
various links at the end of the video. 

April 2020
DJ Brian Norwood extended the length of the song
"OK" by James Bluntso that it was long enough to accommodate the many videos that were contributed.  

The lyrics say
"I really need you, I really need your love right now...
...I don't fear nothing when I hear you say

It's gonna be OK"  

March 2020

DJ Jerry Bonham did a remix and extended the song
"You're Beautiful" by Madagascar.

Flaggers across the country were invited to submit videos and we joined them together.

The lyrics say "we're all here together"