Flagger Instruction Videos


Once you have mastered the one and two hand moves you will want to transition from one move to another.  This is what creates YOUR style.
While it is sometimes fun for all the flaggers in a group to perform the same moves in syncronization
you generally flag yourself.
There is NO right or wrong way to flag and you should feel free to express yourself in your own style

A key technique when joining two flags together in one hand (marry) and then being able to later separate them back into individual flags (divorce?) is to place your index finger between the two flags.  You can still move them as a single flag with one hand, but it is much easier to break them apart while in movement.  
Practice doing a simple double down and then "marry right" so that both flags move to your right hand.  Perform a single hand down and then break them back into two flags doing the double down.  Now do the same thing with a "marry left".