Flagger Flash Mobs

Sometimes we just show up to surprise everyone.  
Cathedral City Gay Days cocktail party, Camelot theater cocktail party,
Outside Starbucks, the Marilyn statue....
just because.

November 2023

Desert Flaggers do a "Flagger Flash Mob"
several times a year.
 Starting with just one flagger and then adding slowly until the whole group is flagging.
 The music generally runs 8-9 minutes.
This edited video shortens that "add flaggers" part
so you can see the result.

Memorial Day Weekend 2023

NBC stopped by for our Flagger flash mob - but we added some of our own video as well.  

December 2021

Our Christmas flash mob 

Summer 2021

March 6, 2021 at the Camelot "drive-in" movie

December 22, 2019 in front of Starbucks downtown Palm Springs

Labor Day Weekend 2019 outside the downtown Starbuck's
photos above and video below

Flagging at the cocktail party outside the Camelot Theater.