Our workshops are held outdoors and start at 9 AM.  Depending on the number of participants and how many flags are made we generally are finished before noon.

Our instructor David will teach you all the techniques of folding the silk and various ways to apply the dye.  There is a charge of $30 per set of flags (max two sets per workshop) which includes all materials.  If you like your result we can have them weighted and sewn for an additional cost of $30 per set.  Payment is done on the day of the workshop and exact change is appreciated.  

Registration is required and directions and instructions will be sent via text.  A reminder goes out a few days before the workshop. 
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How is it done?

Here is a short example of one of the ways the silk might be folded and dye applied. The video has no sound.
People are very creative in what they produce each month.