Celebrating the art of flagging with

Community, Diversity, Charity

What's NEW 9/17/2021 - Updated Calendar,

Leading and Turning instruction, Mirroring instruction,
Weaving instruction


10/14 - Flagging for Priscilla - click here for details

10/15 - Grand Opening of Artist Center, Palm Desert - click here for details

Pride Weekend Flagger Activities - click here

 We are doing events,  tiedye workshops, and classes.  
Now is also a great time to learn some new moves.

Desert Flaggers is a social organization of those in the Coachella Valley interested in Flagging, Poi, or Fans. Its goal is to expand the community through common events and activities.


Expand the flagging community through
a wide variety of events
and activities


Open to anyone who wants
to learn the art of flagging


Actively participate in ways to support local charities