Celebrating the art of flagging with Community, Diversity, Charity

3/28/23   What's NEW - Updated Calendar for upcoming events 

We have restarted our flag classes and have more tiedye workshops scheduled.

See our gallery of the many flags made at our tiedye workshops - click here

Watch the powerful video we did for World AIDS Day.

February 18 Flagging in the Desert

Our event was a great success and we raised over $1600 for our charity.

CLICK here to listen to Randy's FITD music set

Randy played an amazing set for t-dance on February 19

Click here to listen to Randy's t-dance set.

Next Flagging in the Desert April 22, 2023

Hope you can join us

Desert Flaggers is a social organization of those in the Coachella Valley interested in Flagging, Poi, or Fans. Its goal is to expand the flow-arts community through common events and activities.


Expand the flagging community through
a wide variety of events
and activities


Open to anyone who wants
to learn the art of flagging


Actively participate in ways to support local charities